This is what S C H N I E R stands for


safety is a central point of our philosophy; cooperating in standardisation bodies and cooperation with authorities make it possible.

Chances and Risks

Chances and recognising opportunities and avoiding risks leads to steady improvement. "If there is a way to do it better, find it". [Thomas Edison]

High quality

High quality is the result of responsible and enthusiastic staff.
A functional Quality management system ensures our quality standards.

Nearness to the market

Nearness to the market and cooperating with users like partners leads to practice-oriented products and customer satisfaction.


Innovation is no coincidence, but is created by lateral thinkers. Enthusiasm is precondition. Innovation = enthusiasm × farsightedness + vision + courage


Experience does not compete with innovation for us, but rather, the marriage of experience with new ideas brings optimal solutions.

Result of this quality policy

Result of this quality policy is our success and therefore also the success of our customers. Only a "win-win" situation brings satisfaction in the long run.